Sonic Generations is a platformer game based on the past Sonic games, combined with the modern Sonic. I am quite a big fan of Sonic, and I have always enjoy playing the Sonic games, whether it was on the Sega Megadrive, Dreamcast or Xbox 360. As I had played quite a few of the previous Sonic games on various consoles, I had some high expectations for this new game, and I wanted it to have everything I enjoyed from the really old games, with the new graphics and music from the new games.


The story within Sonic Generations is simple, and very ‘classic Sonic’. Sonic is at a party with all of his friends from previous Sonic games, and the party is interrupted by a huge rip in the sky. A huge shadow-like monster emerges from the hole in the sky, and this causes a vacuum effect, thus sucking up all of Sonic’s friends. Sonic follows his friends into the hole, in an attempt to save them.
Once in this hole, Sonic realises that he is not the only Sonic in this dimension, and there is in fact a younger Sonic! These Sonics quickly meet, and decide to team up and complete the levels in an attempt to save all of their friends. Each level unlocks one of Sonic’s lost friends when both classic and modern Sonic have beaten the level.


Within this game there are 9 different levels, throughout 3 different sections; these consist of the ‘Megadrive era’, ‘Dreamcast era’ and the ‘Next-generation era’. There are also 3 boss levels which are placed in between the transitions to each era. As well as having all of these levels, there are many challenges which link to each of the levels, and by completing them players can unlock art-work and extra music.

The game-play within Sonic Generations is unique; there is the Classic sonic mode, and the modern Sonic mode. Both of the Sonics can build up speed through running without stopping, they can both jump and they can both spin-dash. Without these classic mechanics, it would not be a true Sonic game. Sonic must always have a spin-dash, at least!

Classic Sonic – Classic Sonic is a reference to all of the Sonic games created for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. In this mode the player will play the levels in a very traditional platformer style way, and go from the left side of the screen, to the right. This Sonic does not have any special moves compared to Modern Sonic, however I believe this is good and shows that this is a ‘younger’ Sonic, which makes the story more believable; if classic Sonic could perform a move that Modern Sonic couldn’t use, it would leave the player questioning the story of the game.

Modern Sonic – Modern Sonic is a reference to all of the Sonic games on the Dreamcast and next generation consoles.  This Sonic game-play mode is much more complex when compared to the classic Sonic; Modern Sonic has been in a lot more diverse and varied games than the classic Sonic, and has therefore picked up many new moves along his travels. Modern sonic can: light speed dash where he chases and collects a row of rings, homing attack where Sonic locks onto an enemy and crashes into them at great speed to attack them, body slam where Sonic jumps up into the air and crashes into the ground to push buttons, wall jumping which is where Sonic can jump from wall to wall to climb up narrow gaps, and lastly he has the air dash which is basically a double jump.
With all of these moves, I believe it makes these levels more complex to play, but for hardcore Sonic fans it is great as it pays homage to ALL of the games that this Modern Sonic is in.

Out of the two game-play choices, I highly prefer the classic Sonic mode; the reason for this is because it is extremely simple to pick up, and you do not have to learn any special moves for this Sonic. It’s not that I find the Classic levels easier, but I just find them to be more fun and easier to play as there is less to remember when playing the level.

Before the boss levels within the game, the player is forced to complete at least once challenge from each level to collect a boss key. I feel that by doing this, it is a great way for players to discover the challenges, and it encourages them to complete the challenges and want to complete the game. After a challenge is completed the player is rewarded by a piece of artwork, or some extra music.

One aspect I really loved within this game was the varied challenges throughout; there are so many different challenges with so many different ways of playing the game. Some of these challenges are timing based, beating enemies, teaming up with saved friends, competing against saved friends, collecting rings, etc. I found these to be really great, and as it was so varied there was a challenge for everyone!

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are very colourful and cartoony within this game, and I believe this really fit the theme of the game very well. Considering most of the levels within this game have been taken from older Sonic games and re-made, the colour brings extra life into these previously dull levels. All of the graphics within this game have been referenced to the older Sonic games, however everything has been recreated for this game, and no assets have been directly copied over from any of the old games.

The audio was one of my favourite parts of this game, and I even listen to the soundtrack on a regular basis. Most of the songs in this game are remixes from previous Sonic games, and each song has two different versions; Classic and Modern, to go with each Sonic in this game. Most of the songs are upbeat, and fit each level perfectly. In addition, if you complete the game and the challenges within the game, you can unlock class music from the previous Sonic games, and you can even get these classic songs to play in the levels.


I feel that this game has quite a lot of replay-ability, and this is due to the amount of challenges and artwork/music there is to be unlocked within the game. Although, if you are not a huge fan of Sonic, you might play the game once and not play it again; casual gamers could pick up this game and complete the story, but might not be interested in unlocking the art and extra music.
Like any Sonic game the levels are quite short, and it can be quite addictive trying to complete the same level over and over again to get a quicker time. This is another factor which gives this game more replay-ability than most games.


I give this game an 8/10 because it lived up to my expectations, and combined classic and modern sonic together perfectly. Music was fantastic also! Only thing it could have improved on is a better storyline; maybe it could have been a bit more complex.


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