Due to the DEVELOP conference being on the same day as our first milestone, the milestone has been moved back a week, so we are now doing the milestone on the 1st December. Jonny is creating the presentation, and either Reece or David will be presenting it. I am providing most of the research which will be discussed in the milestone. Personally I believe that conducting the research is one of the most important tasks over the whole course of the project development, as without any research to base the project on, the project will seem weak and we have nothing to back-up our own ideas on.

Whilst looking through the further research, I have found that the player types we have previously discussed will not work so well with the achievement categories we have. I informed the group of this through our Facebook group which we use to communicate quickly, and they asked me to conducted some more research into more player types, so we could collaborate player types in the next week and decide on a hybrid set of player types based on more than one research. Therefore I will be conducting further research on other player types, through reading more literature over this week, and I will conduct a group meeting next week presenting my ideas to my team.

The group are still working on getting achievements to work and function correctly in the engine; the educational version of the CDK has the scaleform which will help us with the GUI and menus to display and log achievements.

We have discussed creating a questionnaire before the testing of our product; this will be to see what types of sample we will have to help us with our research. This questionnaire will help to define the player types of the sample around the university; if there is one huge percentage of one player type, we may have to change what we are testing for.

My tasks this week are to: review all of the achievement data the whole group collected, research different player types, and start creating the basics of a questionnaire, which would be given out to find out what percentage of our predicted sample are which player types.


GO TO WEEK 9 – Player types research (chosen player types), testing methods and further research (+further questionnaire development).


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