This week we collaborated our engine testing results, and decided that we are going to use the Crysis CDK, as it is free, and does everything we need it to do: show and gather achievement data, and be able to have a racing game/levels within it.

I brought up a query as I was worried about our hypothesis of the project, and I felt that we weren’t being specific enough, and that our project wouldn’t be able to benefit the games industry in any way, as it would be too vague. The group listened and understood my worries, however they explained that the project proposal shouldn’t change, and gave their reasons. We did all agree on thinking about an ‘Alternative hypothesis’ just in-case our project isn’t strong enough, but I still wasn’t entirely happy. I felt that everything we were doing was random, and we were creating a racing game in Crytek for our portfolios, as opposed to trying to find and test achievements.

This week we also found out our mark for the Literature review and project proposal, and we were not happy with the result. It was 55%, and we are all used to getting 60% or higher. But this has motivated us to work hard and do well; we will strive to do our best and achieve a first-class grade! Considering we handed in our literature review each week before hand-in, and changed it from the feedback we received, we were baffled by the result as we had done everything our mentors had suggested… however, we decided to take it on the chin and strive for a first.


GO TO WEEK 8 – Achievement/Player type’s research and showing a draft of our first milestone.


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