Monday meeting notes:
-We need to get some answers from our meeting with Andrew and Amanda; find out what we’re heading towards next. In addition to seeing if we can get some feedback on our last piece of work (Project proposal and lit review). We need to find out how they want the report structured, so we can create a layout/template.


We need to think about the types of achievements in racing games; find 30 achievements and see if they are varied types. Look at a few different racing games and compare achievements between games. Look at achievement websites. We will then collaborate 10 achievements each which we will propose for our project. We need to look at other genres and they’re achievements, and see if they can be incorporated into a racing game.


Need to get Crysis SDK, and other editors, and do some testing on each editor. See if achievements can be implemented, can we create a race track, etc. We decided that we would all test at least 3 or 4 different editors, and write a summary on each seeing if the editor is good enough for creating a racing game, and if achievements can be scripted into it.


We all spent this week looking at achievement types and getting lists of achievements which are already in racing games. We would then present this to each other in the following week. This week was mainly used for research, which we all took part in. This research was fun to conduct, and we all created tables with certain achievements, and what achievement type they are from various different racing games.


I was a little bit stressed out with the group this week, as we were told specifically not to do research into game editors as we needed to focus and nail down a project idea this week. Phil seemed to agree with this, but Reece and David decided that they would prototype things in different engines (although it was mainly the Crytek Engine). It is good to prototype, however our research still had a lot to desire and there was a lot of different areas we still needed to look at and learn about.




GO TO WEEK 6 – Achievement research and engine testing collaboration.


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