This week, I have been given the task to put together a good draft of the Literature review for Wednesday, so we can show Andrew and Amanda what we have researched and how we’ve put it together in the document. We will mainly be looking for critiques and ways we can improve the document.

From our meeting with Amanda and Andrew, we were able to give them a printed copy of our first draft of the literature review and they gave us some written feedback on the copy of the literature review. We were told to focus our ideas and sources a little bit more towards our project idea, and to expand on the sources we had, and write about how they will prove useful to our project.

We then had a meeting with Phil the day after, however before that meeting we talked about some project ideas for an hour. Reece came up with 2 good ideas, so we then decided to present these ideas to Phil. Phil said he liked the ideas, but they seemed a little ‘safe’ as we were just testing the idea of achievements through video games, but from his feedback it seemed that he wanted to see how far we could push a player through achievements outside of a video game (Gamification). After, we talked about what we could do for an interesting project, that wasn’t safe. So we all decided that we would all come up with: Project titles, descriptions, hypotheses, testing methods, and attainments.

I believe that if we all come up with project titles, etc, and collaborate ideas, it shows that we are all putting the effort in with the project, and coming up with our own ideas, and creating a hybrid idea, combining all of our ideas together.


GO TO WEEK 4 – Finalising ideas, and finishing the Literature review.


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