This week I created a blank template for the results from the interviews and observations to go in. The data collected is mainly qualitative and there could be several different answers for each sections, therefore as a group we decided that each interview and observation should be typed up for each tester, so we can later analyse the results gathered. The quantitative data which is mainly collected from the in-game data collection, will be handled by David and Jonny; David has programmed the game to save the data every time the application/game is closed, and Jonny will be transferring this data into spreadsheets.

I believe that once we have gathered all of our results and placed the results into the correct spreadsheets, as a group we will be able to analyse the results quickly but also thoroughly; all the spreadsheets are clear for each tester, therefore it will be easy for us to look through all of the sample’s data.


GO TO WEEK 21 – Finish product for ‘pre-testing’/Alpha testing stage


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