This week we plan on testing our block-outs of each of our levels joined together, and including all of the mechanics within the levels. All we need to do to these block-outs is to make them look more appealing to potential testers, as we believe that the better the game looks, the more likely a tester will be to take it seriously as a game, and enjoy it more. David and Reece have been working hard on getting the block-outs together, whilst me and Jonny have been working on the testing methods and design document.

We also had a meeting with Steve Manning this week, to discuss our project. He seemed to really like the idea of the project, but he told us it is important to describe what we mean by achievements in our project, and we also need to make sure our project title is very specific to what we are testing, and not to keep it as broad as ‘Do achievements influence how a player plays a game’. It should be more like ‘Do pop-up achievements influence how a player plays a racing game?’.
Steve also suggested that we add one or two more testing groups to make our testing a little bit less extreme than having a group with achievements and a group without them. His points were valid, however we felt that realistically we did not have enough time to add more testing groups, as we have only set aside one month for testing. The groups he suggested were to have a group with some achievements, but not all of them, and another group to have so many achievements that it will become silly. He said that if we did this, we could see if there was a point in games and achievement design, when there are too many or too little achievements in a game to get a player influenced positively by them. If we had longer to conduct our testing, this would be an extra thing which we would have loved to test.

This week I am also finishing off the Ethics form, along with its counter-documents (information sheets and consent form). I will be sending these off for approval when they are completed.


GO TO WEEK 20 – Template of result collection tables created.


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