Milestone two went really great, and we were all really happy with how it went. Brian had many questions, and he said he felt excited to see how our project is going to develop further. Although he also questioned our testing methods, and as a group we have felt that we need to go back to the ‘drawing board’ with some of our initial ideas. One of the main questions was our testing time; as a group we wanted to have a minimum testing time for players, but to fully test if players are influenced by achievements, one of the things we want to test is how long will they play a game with the influence of achievements. Brian felt that testing could go on for a long time if we leave it open, in addition, with our initial plan of observing each participant as they test may prove to be too much pressure on all of us if we are all having to observe at the same time. Brian suggested that we cut this down to two people observing, so the other two people can find more testers, and deal with any problems which may arise.

After a huge discussion amongst our group, we decided that we would still observe each participant, and have two testers at a time. However the way we are going to observe the players will be different; instead of us hovering over the shoulder of the testers, we are going to monitor the players through a second monitor away from their testing. We are going to inform testers that we are going to monitor their game play, but we are not going to explain how, unless they ask. There will also be a statement in the consent form which will let them know that if they agree to do the testing for us, that we will be monitoring their game play during testing. This gives the testers a chance to withdraw straight away if they are uncomfortable with being monitored.



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