Continuing on with the testing methods, an important aspect of our testing if ethics, and conducting a morally correct test. I have personally had experience with ethics during my second year at university when I conducted some usability testing. I read through the University Code of Practice about Ethics thoroughly, and started to fill in the RE1 form, on behalf of our team.
As well as filling in the ethics form, we have to create a consent form, and an information sheet which will be given to each tester; the consent form is to let the participant know what the testing will consist of, and what we are asking of them, and the information sheet is to help the participants play the game (it will include controls/map on it).

I refered to my first consent form fromthe first year, and followed the same style, as to refresh my memory to how a consent form should be laid out. The consent form will also be in second person, and written with informal language (without jargon) so that most participants will understand it. Although, if we do have any dyslexic participants, one of the testers will clearly read out the consent form to the participant, if they would like us to do so.

I have written the consent form in the structure suggested by the university code of practice: ”
Consent form guidelines
The following issues should be addressed in a consent form:
• Title of the study
• Purpose of the study
• Why participant was selected
• Description of procedures, purpose, length of time required and how participants will be
• Discomforts, inconveniences expected
• Risks, if any
• Benefits, if any
• Withholding standard care/treatment or an alternative, if any
• Compensation to be expected, if any
• How confidentiality, anonymity and privacy will be maintained
• Right of participant to refuse to participate or withdraw at any time for any reason
• Sources for information and assurances that researcher will provide further and ongoing
information (e.g. name and contact phone number of the researcher)
• Signature of the researcher and the participant or the participant’s representative
• Signature of the witnesses where appropriate”


Draft of consent form:

Please read before playing the racing game!

Thank you for giving us your time to play through our racing game: CryRally. We really appreciate you playing through our racing game, and we are very proud of it.

CryRally is a racing game Team Z has developed in the CryEngine. Within our game we have a sandbox level and three races. The sandbox level will have entrances to the three races at three different sections of the map.

During the testing, you will be asked to complete each race once, but after that you are allowed to continue playing the game for up to an hour. A map and controls to the game will be given to each participant as they sit down to play the game, in the form of an information sheet. During your play through of the game, their game will be observed by one of Team Z’s members.
Once you have played all of the races, or you have had enough of continuously playing the game for us, you will be asked to either fill out a questionnaire or asked to have a quick interview with one of our team members. This questionnaire/interview will be taking information such as what type of gamer you are, and it will ask you what you thought of the game as a whole, and then it will ask questions about specific areas of our game.

The testing time for each participant may vary, so please ensure you have the time to play our game, in addition to giving us some feedback through a questionnaire/interview. The maximum play time will be an hour, and the questionnaire/interviews should take about 10 to 15 minutes.

All of the information which we will be gathering will be kept completely anonymous, and any personal information which you may give us, will not be published and will be destroyed after the project has finished. You do not have to give us any information which you are not happy to give.

If you have any questions during the testing, please give one of us a shout, or raise your hand, and we will do our best to answer them.

It is important to note that you as the participant are allowed to withdraw from the testing at any point. If you wish to withdraw at any point, just let a member of Team Z know, and you will be escorted out of the testing area. All of your details will immediately be destroyed if you choose to withdraw.
In addition, we suggest you withdraw from the testing if you are feeling unwell, or are in any discomfort during the testing.

To confirm that you are happy with how the testing is to be conducted, and you are happy to proceed, please sign and date below.

Signed: ____________________________________                                Date: ___ _/____/____




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