This week, I continued to work on developing and nailing down our testing methods further. I decided that firstly all of our options were to have a random sample (although this would mainly be students, due to the environment of our testing), in addition we would take some quantitative data either through data mining from within the game, or behaviour observation during each participants play-through. We discussed this with all of our supervisors, and they suggested that we not observe each tester, as this would put too much pressure upon ourselves. For example, if each team member was assigned to one tester, a problem may arise, and someone may want to come into the project room. If this happened one member would need to deal with this, therefore we would not be able to correctly gather the data we need. To tackle this problem, we have decided that one person will observe two testers from the control group, and one person will observe two testers from the achievement group. This means that there are two free team members to help with getting more testers, dealing with any problems that may occur, etc.

We also want to have a post-test questionnaire, instead of having a pre-test questionnaire and post-test interview. We do want to keep the interview process in, and at the minute we are having talks about conducting interviews with 10 out of the 50 testers, but these interviews will just consist of the interviewer reading the questionnaire aloud and filling in the questionnaire for the tester; this would be to provoke a more honest and realistic response. We would like to do this with each tester, however as the testing time is going to vary from each tester, we cannot guarantee one of our testers will be free to conduct an interview with each tester.

These testing methods are still being fine tuned as we go to our supervisor meetings, and continue research.




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