We started this week off by having a group meeting, and re-capping our current work, our milestone plans, and what we plan to do in the next 3 weeks leading up to our second milestone. We changed our milestone presentation date from the 19th January to the 16th February; the reason for this is due to our first date being very close to an exam date, therefore after some discussion with Andrew, Amanda and Phil, we decided that a later date would be better for our group and for the progression of our deliverables.


On our first milestone, we had planned that for the next milestone (16th February) we would have:

– Finished design document, including all game features, mechanics and track design.
– Completed prototypes of levels.
– Progress of the main deliverable.
– and continued research into player behavior, racing and achievements.

One extra thing we are going to add onto this is research into testing methods.


This week we had a meeting where Reece took the role of group leader and assigned us all smaller tasks and completion times of each small task. THese smaller tasks would help to build up what we need as a group for our second milestone.
Each of us are going to have a completed and fully detailed design document of each of our individual levels for the 21st January, which Jonny would piece together to create one flowing document.
Next we were to create a block-out of our level (A block-out is the terrain of the level, with none or little mechanics working). This was to be done for the 28th January. In addition to all of us having a block-out created, one of my individual tasks was to research player behaviour and testing methods for our research. This was also to be done by the 28th.
Lastly we had to start creating drafts of the final level, also known as prototypes. A prototype to us means a level partially finished, with working achievements and mechanics within it. Models and terrain does not necessarily  have to be included or finished. This was to be done by the 3rd of February.


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