I spent my time at the beginning of this week developing a questionnaire finding our whether someone is an ‘achiever’ or ‘non-achiever’ player type. We felt that using a questionnaire on our predicted sample could help us to see if it is worth it to be testing for the player types by seeing if we have a good balance of players’ types. However, I brought up this idea to Phil and he started to think that our player types didn’t seem right, and he said we don’t have a goal in mind. As a group we thought that we did have a goal: “To find out which player types are drawn towards gaining which achievement types”. Phil really didn’t like this and told us to re-think our goal.

We had a 2 – 3 hour long meeting and discussed all the possible project ideas we could use which would be fulfilling our project aims. After lots of going backwards and forwards we decided that player types was a variable that we did not want to test for, and we wanted to solely focus on the achievement types and how they can influence all players (not specific player types). Then it clicked: “How do achievements influence a player whilst playing a game?” This was our new project title and goal, and as a group we felt this was a more academic project and we would find out a lot more useful and reliable information from this project.


New project proposal:

Title: How do achievements influence a player whilst playing a game?

Hypothesis: We believe that the game test with achievements will have a positive influence on the players; they will want to play for longer, they will be more motivated to retry laps, they will be more inclined to have silly/random behaviour to help earn an achievement.

Research: Achievement types, Player behaviour, racing genre.

Product: We create one racing game, with two versions; one is the control game (includes no achievements) and the main testing group (game includes achievements). Player behaviour is tracked to see if there is

Racing Genre: Ease of use for testing purposes, no narrative path to deflect attention, and many achievement types can be used within racing games. (We have conducted our own research to find this out).

Why: No pubic available research (in-company only), finding out player influences a personal motivator, Provide independent companies with info to better develop their games.
(This is from a revised project proposal written by Reece) 


After the change of project, it was my task for the next week to research player behaviour to add to our literature review, and first milestone.

Personally I was really happy with the change of project, and I felt that it would be more academic as well as having more worth in the industry.


GO TO WEEK 11 – Milestone 1 hand-in to Phil.


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