This is a weekly blog containing information mainly based on my work and contribution to the project. There is a varying level of information in each week; some weeks are written very informally, and others are written formally. This is a blog recapping and talking about the tasks that I am personally working on, which will help towards the group and the final year project’s progression.

Week 1
 – Start-up of the project.

Week 2 – Discussing ideas.

Week 3 – Starting looking at sources, starting the Literature review.

Week 4 – Finalising ideas, and finishing the Literature review.

Week 5 – Hand-in of Milestone via a presentation to Phil, starting research on Player behaviour.

Week 6 – Achievement research and engine testing collaboration.

Week 7 – Receiving our literature results, and preparing for the first milestone.

Week 8 – Achievement/Player types research and showing a draft of our first milestone.

Week 9 – Player types research (chosen player types), testing methods and further research (+further questionnaire development).

Week 10HUGE CHANGE TO PROJECT! We changed the direction of the project and what we are looking for. (Nailing down the project idea and goals).

Week 11 – Milestone 1 hand-in to Phil.

Week 12 – Design document start-up and milestone 1 results.

After week 12, my group and I decided to take a three week vacation during the Christmas period. We started working again Monday 9th January (week 13).

Week 13 – Catching up on work an assigning tasks for the next three weeks

Week 14 – Writing my personal design document, and researching testing methods.

Week 15 – Creating a blockout level, no mechanics/achievements.

Week 16 – Testing Methods research continues

Week 17 – Ethics form filled in/consent form and information sheet started

Week 18 – Milestone 2 & changes to the testing methods

Week 19 – Meeting with Steve about results, and starting SCRUM development style. Ethics and consent form finished.

Week 20 – Template of result collection tables created.

Week 21 – Finish product for ‘pre-testing’/Alpha testing stage

Week 22 – Pre-testing and fixing game/Beta testing stage

Week 23 – Testing Achievement group

Week 24 – Testing control group


Week 25 – Analysing results and starting group report

Weeks 26/27/28– Writing group report!

Finished project and report!

Conducting this whole project has been a great experience and one that I think I have learnt from. I would love to apply or conduct further research into the area of achievements, as it has been a really interesting topic to look into.


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