Agile for everyone: Scrum(Power-point on Moodle)

Typical development process –“Requirements -> design -> implementation -> testing -> deployment -> maintenance”.
Many changes are made in ‘requirements’.

Sprint backlog
To do -> WIP -> Testing -> Done (Post-it note demonstration)
All tasks are allocated to employees; task is broken down and explained to scrum master, how long it will take, what will happen during it, what did you do before/after scrum, etc. This is discussed during a 15 minute meeting with the scrum master. Next day has a meeting to see if task has been done, and why not. Once task is done, employees get given another task.
You can understand and predict issues through using scrum. Scrum master must make sure that sprint meeting aren’t being relevant and all tasks are being done. If there are issues, the scrum master waits till after the 15 minute meeting and follows up the issues outside of the meetings.
  • Negotiated set of items from the product backlog
  • Items are broken down into small tasks, which is allocated daily to employees
  • Can get complicated if an employee is in more than one sprint
  • Lasts 2 – 4 weeks
  • 15 minute meetings everyday (same time and place)
  • After sprint ‘feature’ should be complete
  • Always reviewed when finished, then another sprint begins
  • Some employees can under/overestimate their skills and set the wrong time limit for tasks to get finished
  • Tasks are prioritised; most important -> least important
  • Only one day’s worth of mess can possibly happen as employees are seen on a daily basis
  • Sprint backlog should not change

‘Burn down chart’ shows sprint’s progress on a chart; this is done by the ‘Scrum Master’.
Product backlog

  • A product backlog is dynamic
  • Items may be deleted or added (prioritised)
  • Progressively refined
  • Everything to be implemented into the game is in this backlog (A wish list of things to go into the game)

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