– Shauni Ann Cody Maple –

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I am 21yr old student, with a passion for games. I have loved games and gaming since an early age of three. My dad always had me playing games on his computer, such as simple puzzle games and matching card games. Although I didn’t properly start gaming until I was about 8yrs old; the first real game I played was Final Fantasy VII. Since then I have become obsessed with Japanese-styled games, even though they are rare to find and play whilst living in the United Kingdom. My favourite genre of games are RPG, RTS, Puzzle, Adventure and Platformer games.

My main goal in life is to be successful, whilst having fun and being happy. Now I realise the games industry isn’t always an easy place to be, but I imagine the reward after working hard on various projects is worth it. I am passionate about level design, however after having the opportunity to do some QA testing, I discovered that I really enjoy doing it! I am extremely organised and analytical with everything that I do, so I believe that these qualities I have, help push me towards the QA role within the industry.

As well as games, I am very passionate about Japan, and the entirety of the Japanese culture. I was lucky enough to learn this language at a GCSE level in college. I studied hard in this subject, and earned myself an A grade. It isn’t just about knowing the language, but being able to visit Japan before I was 20 was a massive achievement for me. I was able to see how they stay so close to their routes, and having massive temples and shrines, right in the centre of a busy market area.

LinkedIn profile
Résumé / CV 


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